Use Cases


COLLEGE: It's Molly's first day at college. She doesn't know anyone. Molly receives a notification that Jake is 50 feet from her and they have 6 mutual friends. Jake receives the same message. They message each other and form an immediate connection. They go out for a drink that night.

CONFERENCE: Jim is at a sales conference hoping to network with potential new clients. Jim discovers that there are 13 people in the same room as him with whom he has mutual friends. 1 of them went to his high school. 2 are much older, but went to the same college. Jim networks with these new connections and closes all 3 deals. 

MUSIC FESTIVAL: Sky goes to the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee. She is grooving to the music when she receives a notification that there are 12 people within 10,000 feet of her with whom she has a mutual friend. There are 4 people from her current city, 2 people from her college and 1 from her summer camp on her Two Degrees feed. She spontaneously connects with a friend of her best friend and they spend the next 3 days at the concert together. 


RESTAURANT: Molly and Jim redeem a BOGO offer from the venue where they meet for a drink. The venue pushes a message out to all of Molly and Jim's friends who are nearby, offering them the BOGO promotion because they are friends with Molly or Jim. More people show up. The venue makes more money that night. Molly and Jim are the hit of the party, getting all of their friends free drinks.

DOCTOR: Julie gets her teeth cleaned at Jordan's Dentistry. Jordan's Dentistry sends a message to all of Julie's friends who are geo-fenced within 5 miles of the dentist's office. If Julie's friends redeem the "free teeth cleaning for new customers who are friends with Julie" deal, Julie's next visit to the dentist is free. The dentist's office gets 10 new patients to sign-up through Julie. Julie gets a free cleaning and check-up – and all of Julie's friends now go to the same dentist as her. The dentists sends the deal to all 10 patients' friends.

SHOPPING MALL: Jim shops at a store in a shopping mall. Jim's friend Sal receives a 25% off discount offer from the store because he is friends with Jim – and nearby. Sal redeems the deal. This creates a chain reaction down the line for Sal's friends, and their friends, and so on. The store receives thousands of new customers, higher sales and revenue – and Jim, Sal and all of their friends redeem a great deal because of how they are connected to the store, by two degrees.