Section 2

In an elevator. At a coffee shop. On an airplane. At a traffic light. At a party. In class. At a music festival. At a bar mitzvah. At a football game. Starting a new job. Moving to a new city. On a cruise ship. Cycling. College orientation. Travelling abroad. Out to dinner. By the pool. At a conference. In the waiting room. Dating. Skiing. At a concert. Going to the gym. In the library. Walking around campus. Lunch break. Drive-thru window. Sitting in Starbucks. On vacation. Walking down the street. On a train. At the Beach. Doctor’s office. In an electronics store like Best Buy. In the supermarket. In the movie theater. In a hotel lobby. In a foreign city. At the gate for your flight. At a bar. At a wedding or bat mitzvah. Checking in at the airport. On a train. Yoga class. Sushi restaurant. In the city. Trip to Disney. Pedicure. In a meeting. Getting your hair done. Barber shop. At a show. Shopping at the mall. Trade show. Brunch.